Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Awards


Recognize mining and exploration entities in the state of Nevada who are doing an outstanding job of reclamation of disturbed areas caused by mining and exploration activities.

Interest generated by the award(s) should result in:

  1. Better Plans of Operation submitted with sound reclamation plans;
  2. Industry raising standards;
  3. Increasing public's awareness of the positive aspects of mining; and
  4. Encourage innovation in reclamation techniques.


    Provide a Nevada Reclamation award in the following categories:

    1. Mine - Large size mine, small/medium size mine
    2. Exploration - Operating Company, Exploration Company, Reclamation Contractor.
    3. Minerals Materials - Special and/or unique treatment of borrow areas.
    4. Innovation - New, successful techniques for reclaiming any component of a mining or exploration project.
    5. Special - Individual recognition in the reclamation field.

    There will not necessarily be an award in each category each year.

    Normally, only reclamation projects completed or nearly completed within the last twelve months should be considered. 

      Nominating Entities

      Any company or individual can nominate a project for a reclamation award. This includes operating entities, exploration entities and reclamation contractors. In addition, agencies that serve on the awards team from BLM, USFS, Division of Minerals, Division of Environmental Protection and Department of Wildlife can nominate entries.

        Selection Committee

        The selection committee consists of members from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management with representatives from the Nevada State Office; U.S. Forest Service; Nevada Division of Minerals; Nevada Division of Environmental Protection; and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

          Selection Criteria

          The criteria are meant as a guide for nominations. Nominations should address some or all the criteria, as the individual case many warrant.

          1. Erosion Control - Project exhibits excellence in erosion control by limiting surface soil movement, directing over-surface water, optimizing soil/material stability and/or any other erosion control method.
          2. Aesthetic Quality - Project exhibits excellence in visual qualities by enhancing the surrounding natural appearing landscape based on the visual dominance elements of form, line, color, and texture.
          3. Stabilization - Project exhibits excellence as it no longer exhibits a potential to adversely impact public safety or the environment, and is resistant to chemical change or physical disintegration.
          4. Toxic Waste Control - Project exhibits excellence in eliminating the escape of toxic wastes from the project site. Material with the potential for generating toxic by-products are treated or stockpiled to reduce this risk.
          5. Revegetation - Project exhibits excellence as vegetation established on the land disturbed by an exploration project or mining operation exceeds the reclamation plan criteria or comparable vegetative cover on an adjacent similar site.
          6. Shaping - Project exhibits excellence in blending with the natural landforms.
          7. Wildlife Habitat Improvement - Project exhibits excellence by improving and/or enhancing vegetative cover and/or forage for the benefit of wildlife species.
          8. Post Mine Land Use Being Met - Project exhibits excellence when use of the reclaimed area supports activities or uses which are beneficial to the citizens of the state of Nevada or owner of the land.
          9. Water Quality - Project exhibits excellence when quality of the subsurface and/or surface water is improved.
          10. Riparian Area Protection Enhancement - Project exhibits excellence when existing riparian areas are improved in quality and quantity and/or new riparian areas are established.
          11. Agency Cooperation and/or Coordination - Project exhibits excellence in reclamation due to cooperation and/or coordination with State or Federal agencies which is above and beyond normal working relationships.