Summer Internship Program

The Nevada Division of Minerals has been conducting a summer intern program since 2000 in order to assist with the Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Program. The internship began with two students and has grown to eight in recent years. The interns are undergraduate Nevada college students majoring in geology, geological or mining engineering, and other earth science related fields. The summer internship is a 12 to 14 week program with the vast majority spent performing field work in rural Nevada. The program helps to advance the AML program while providing the students with valuable field experience in map reading, data collection, and working in group environments. Throughout the summer the interns will work in nearly all of Nevada's 17 counties and visit as many as 2,500 abandoned mine features.

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Recruitment Announcements

Nevada Division of Minerals Intern Video

Watch our Summer Intern video on our YouTube channel. See a "day in the life" of a Division of Minerals intern.