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    Minerals Education Program

    The Nevada Division of Minerals continues to maintain an active and robust education and outreach program throughout the State of Nevada. Each year, staff members travel to dozens of schools, community events, trade shows, civic groups and legislative meetings to provide the public with information and education relating to Nevada's mineral, oil, gas and geothermal production, and their respective uses.

    Priorities of the program include:

    • Educating the public on the importance of minerals, oil, gas, and geothermal energy, and the role these resources play in our daily lives;
    • Informing the public of our state's abundance of these natural resources, and their importance in our local, state and domestic economies;
    • Reporting on the state's annual mineral, oil, gas and geothermal production;
    • Representing the State of Nevada  at industry-related conferences and trade shows;
    • Conducting biannual Earth Science workshops for  Nevada's K-12 teachers; and,
    • Warning the public of the dangers of abandoned mines through the state's Abandoned Mine Lands public outreach program.

      Classroom Activities, Lectures, and Presentations

      In the right-hand column under "Education Materials (K-12)", a "Classroom Activities List" link is provided for your reference on available Division activities. 

      To request a presentation/lecture for: 

      • Northern Nevada, please email the Carson City Education Contact,
      • Southern Nevada, please email the Las Vegas Education Contact.

      Available presentations/lectures are:

      • Classroom presentation(s) and/or hands-on activities for grades K-12.
      • A lecture/presentation for schools, civic groups, and other groups.
      • A display booth at mining, minerals, public safety, career fairs, or other related event.

      The Nevada Division of Minerals, in association with the Nevada Mining Association, provides a Nevada Earth Science Education Workshop each year for K-12 teachers.

      • Southern Nevada - during spring break - Credit: 1 Professional Development credit
      • Northern Nevada - during summer - Credit: Nevada Department of Education recertification credit.

        Distance Learning Education

        • Virtual Presentations: The Division of Minerals is now conducting virtual presentations in classrooms across Nevada. Please email to schedule a presentation today!
        • Online Videos: You can also learn about Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and Geology from home by checking out the videos on our Distance Learning webpage.

          All About Mining: Mining for a STEM Education (Virtual)

          All About Mining: Mining for a STEM Education - a Virtual Teacher's Workshop (Now Available)

            Northern and Southern Nevada Earth Science Education Workshops

            • Nevada Earth Science Education Workshops


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