Hazard Information

Securing Hazards

The Division continues to urge claimants and property owners to secure mine openings on lands they control. Securing work, whether it be fences, barricades, or posting warning signs, should be checked periodically and maintained.

 The Division has warning signs available upon request:

Large metal signs  11"W x 13.25"H  $8.00 each
License plate metal signs  12"W x 6.25"H  $3.00 each
Large paper signs  11"W x 13.25"H  $2.00 each

 The signs can be obtained by visiting one of our two offices, or by calling:
- the Carson City office at 775-684-7043 or
- the Las Vegas office at 702-486-4343.

    Notification Letters

    If you have received a notification letter from the Nevada Division of Minerals regarding one or more unsecured abandoned mine features on your claim(s) or private land, please refer to the "Hazard Information Links" section in the right-hand column.  This section provides information for the proper securing of hazards:

    • AML Frequently Asked Questions - provides answers to frequently asked questions,
    • Contractors List - a list of individuals or companies which provide AML securing services,
    • Minimum Hazard Securing Standards for Adits and Shafts - two page document providing the minimum standards for securing adits and shafts,
    • Secured Hazard Information Form (SHIF) - a form used by the owner/claimant to report the securing of hazards on their property/claims.


      If You Find a Hazard...

      If you are a claimant or exploring Nevada and come across unsecured abandoned mine hazards, please note the location of the site and contact:

      Northern Nevada: Sean Derby: 775-684-7047, sderby@minerals.nv.gov 
      Southern Nevada: Garrett Wake: 702-486-4344, gwake@minerals.nv.gov 

      You may also refer to the following forms to notify the Division of the hazard(s):