Dissolved Mineral Resource Exploration (DMRE)

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Cortney Luxford
Fluid Minerals Program Manager

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Assembly Bill 52 of the 2017 session was signed into law in June, 2017.   The purpose of this legislation is to define a permitting path for dissolved mineral exploration, including lithium brines,  and to develop regulations to ensure exploration drilling for dissolved minerals is protective of groundwater, as well as oil and geothermal resources.  The legislation authorizes regulation by the Division beginning on January 1, 2018.  The Division of Minerals is now accepting applications for Dissolved Mineral Resource Exploration (DMRE) wells and notices of intent for DMRE exploration boreholes.  All forms for the program are located below, can be picked up at the Division office, or mailed to the public upon request.

Areas with Limitations Interactive Map

This map is to be utilized in order to determine if a proposed dissolved mineral resource exploration well is located within a boundary designated by the Division as an "area with limitations" pursuant to NAC 534B.