Proactive Securings

Proactive securing letters received from the Division are intended to inform the current owner/claimant that a hazard has been secured by the Division on the owner/claimants land.

    Why Did We Secure the Hazard?

    Generally, after the discovery of an unsecured dangerous condition, the claimant/owner is notified by the Division that it is their responsibility to secure the hazard. However, when the Division determines that the hazard represents an imminent public safety risk, the Division may proactively secure the hazard prior to formal notification to the claimant/owner.

      Future Securing Work

      The letter is intended to provide the claimant/owner notification of these efforts and serves as a reminder that any maintenance or future securing work is the responsibility of the current claimant/owner. 

        Please refer to the Hazard Information page for documentation on securing hazards and regulations.

        AML Contact - Northern Nevada

        Sean Derby
        Chief - Abandoned Mine Lands Program

        AML Contact - Southern Nevada