Dissolved Mineral Resources

Assembly Bill 52 of the 2017 session became law in June, 2017.   The purpose of this  legislation is to define a permitting path for lithium brine exploration, and to develop regulations to ensure exploration drilling for lithium brines is protective of groundwater and geothermal resources. 

The Division of Water Resources (NDWR), Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) and Division of Minerals (NDOM) will jointly develop regulations for dissolved mineral resource exploration boreholes and exploration wells during the second half of 2017.  It is anticipated that a draft of the regulations will be completed by the end of August for industry and public review and comments, and a public workshop will be scheduled sometime afterward for further review and comment, followed by a public hearing before the Commission on Mineral Resources in November, 2018.   The legislation requires that regulations are passed by 1/1/2018.  Public workshops and hearings are posted on the Division of Minerals web site and the State of Nevada Public Notice site at: https://notice.nv.gov/

Members of the public can also request to be placed on the Commission on Mineral Resources/Division of Minerals e-mail communication for Commission Meetings and agendas by contacting Valerie Kneefel at vkneefel@minerals.nv.gov