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Nevada Division of Minerals Abandoned Mine Lands Program Story Map:

- Mining History in Nevada
- Abandoned Mine Lands Program History
- Hazards Associated With Abandoned Mine Lands (AML)
- AML Incidents in Nevada
- Securings
- The Division's AML Intern Program

"Stay Out and Stay Alive!"

The Division sends Abandoned Mine Mini-Unit publications to new 4th grade teachers each year. It provides lessons and activities which encourage students to stay away from abandoned mines and not to vandalize fences or other barricades around abandoned mines. The mini-unit incorporates material on Nevada history, mining in Nevada, safety, responsibility, and respect. It can be used in conjunction with Nevada's history curriculum.


    The publication, Dangers In and Around Abandoned Mines, stresses the hazards of exploring abandoned mines and who to contact in the event of an abandoned mine accident. It is also a companion to the 4th grade AML Mini-Units. The Division sends out enough brochures for every 4th grade student on a yearly basis.

      Educational Materials

      Additional Resources

      In addition to the above mentioned materials, the video, "Stay Out and Stay Alive!", has been distributed to all Nevada elementary schools, both public and private, and to all Nevada libraries. The 11-minute video stresses the reasons why you should stay out of old abandoned mines and should be used in conjunction with both the grade-appropriate Abandoned Mine Units and Dangers In and Around Abandoned Mines brochure.


      To obtain additional video copies, send your contact name, phone number, school name, school address, and grade level(s) in your request on school letterhead to:
          Attention: AML Program
          Nevada Division of Minerals
          400 W. King St., Ste. 106
          Carson City, NV 89703

      Also, a 60-second Abandoned Mine Public Service Announcement is available for viewing on the internet.

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